FAQ Crystalline waterproofing admixtures

What is the difference between the various additives in Supershield series Admix?

The Supershield Admix series has been specially formulated to suit projects of various types and varying temperature conditions. Supershield Admix 100 is specifically formulated for modern practices that incorporate the concrete additives such as fly ash and slag. For most types of concrete the addition of Supershield Admix 100 will have minimal or no effect on the setting time. Supershield Admix 200 is specifically formulated for applications where a normal or mild setting’s delay is required. Supershield Admix 300 is specifically for use where there is a longer delay.

What is the recommended dose for Supershield Admix?

Supershield Admix is added to the concrete mixture according to a mixing ratio of 1% by weight of the contents in Portland cement. Note: Under certain conditions the dosage may be 2%, depending on the required type of concrete.

Supershield Admix can be used in concrete containing other additives such as a drying or a fluidizing?

Yes. Supershield Admix has been used successfully in concrete mixtures containing a variety of other additives. However it should be noted that the use of retardant additives, according to the recommended dosage, can cause a delay of the setting time when used in conjunction with Supershield Admix .. Seek Supershield technical representative for assistance in determining which version of Admix used and the ratio appropriate dosing.

What is the setting time of concrete and its resistance to compression force when it is supplemented with Supershield Admix?

The setting time of the concrete is influenced by the chemical and physical composition of ingredients, temperature of the concrete and weather conditions. A slight increase in the setting time may occur using Supershield Admix. The delay in setting time will depend on the composition of the concrete and the dosage of Admix. The concrete containing Supershield Admix may develop higher ultimate strengths than normal concrete. You may make trial tests in the conditions of the site to determine the setting time and the hardness of the concrete.

There are limitations that may affect the performance of Supershield Admix?

he use of Supersheld Admix requires a minimum content of 10% of Portland cement. Obviously, the optimum effectiveness depends on other factors such as thickness of the concrete, the contents in Portland cement, if there is sufficient reinforcement for the strength and the fracture control, the quality in mass in work and the finishing mode, the sealing of the construction joints, etc .. Typically Supershield requires a minimum thickness of 8 cm concrete. and a resistance of the CLS of 20 MPa (3000 psi).

Supershield Admix available in soluble bags?

Yes, in certain regions Supershield Admix now available in soluble bags. The soluble bags are a convenient method, easy and environmentally friendly than adding Admix to concrete mixtures.