Crack Repair System

System for the definitive repair of cracks and cracks in concrete, also in the tailstock

Supershield created the Crack Repair System for the definitive repair from cracks, crevices and gravel nests operating in counter thrust and therefore from the outside of tanks and tanks , even in the presence of strong hydrostatic pressure.

The system combines the use of water-reactive resins with the application of Supershield DPC crystallizing products and allows to block strong water leaks

The products used are all certified for use in contact with drinking water.

Indications: repair of foundations, tanks, roof slabs, purification tanks, tunnels, subways.

The system consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1 : injections of water-reactive resin , necessary in case of strong water leaks
  • Phase 2 : crack repair with crystallizing mortars and grouts

Crack Repair Phase 1 products

Resinseal 800/2000

Hydro-expansive, single-component, elastic polyurethane resin, suitable for contact with drinking water to be injected under pressure with a special manual or electric pump.

Resinseal Packer

Rubber and steel injector for the injection of polyurethane resins, to be inserted and blocked in the holes provided along the crack.

Resinseal Connector

Special high pressure resistant connector to connect the packer to the injection pump tubing.

Crack Repair Phase 2 products


Crystallizing one-component powder mortar made up of water-soluble compounds and special hydraulic binders. It is an ultra-fast hardening product with volumetric stability, specifically formulated to block strong water leaks in concrete cracks.


One-component thixotropic crystallizing mortar made up of water-soluble compounds and hydraulic binders. it has excellent columetric stability and is specifically formulated to restore water leaks in degraded concrete. It can also be used as an injection mortar in cavities or holes, and to form waterstop profiles to seal rigid construction joints.


Supershield Multiguard is a single component powder product made up of water-soluble compounds and hydraulic binders to waterproof and protect concrete substrates. It is a product that combines crystal technology (DPC) with repellent technology. The product is applied in grout in a single coat.

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