DPC crystalline technology

Supershield designs and manufactures a complete range of waterproofing products which includes additives, mortars, plasters and paints, as well as the complementary products necessary to obtain a safe and effective waterproofing of the treated structures.

Thanks to the high skills of its R&D sector, Supershield has chosen a strategy of approach to the market that is based on the production of products:
– ecological
– innovative
– with high technological content

This strategic choice, which differs from that of many competitors, has allowed Supershield to establish itself in a market niche as a manufacturer of innovative and technological products capable of solving the problems of waterproofing of concrete that others cannot cope with.

DPC crystallizing technology

One of the characteristics of concrete is the formation of pores and capillaries
that are formed during the hydration phase and that are part of every mass of this

Pores and capillaries make concrete permeable, allowing the passage of water, which also carries
the external chemical agents that over time cause the oxidation of bars and the deterioration of

DPC (Deep Penetrating Capillary) crystalline technology is a waterproofing chemical treat-
ment that, when added to the concrete mix as an additive or used as a coating, increases the
durability of concrete by sealing pores, capillaries and micro-fractures with a needle-like crystalli-
ne formation that is insoluble and highly resistant.


Supershield’s active components react chemically with the co-products of cement hydration,
forming a crystalline structure that becomes part of the concrete mass, making it impervious to
moisture and liquids entering from every direction, but allowing the passage of water vapour and
allowing the structure to breathe.
The crystalline structure is established when there is moisture. Also in time, if settlement cracks
form, new water trying to enter concrete triggers a new crystal growth process which seals
cracks of up to 0.4 mm.

The crystalline structures, being formed inside the concrete mass and not exposed to the surface,
cannot deteriorate, whereas membranes and other superficial waterproof coatings can easily be
damaged. Simply put, the Supershield DPC system waterproofs and protects concrete
permanently, therefore increasing its durability.

The benefits to using crystalline technology for waterproofing concrete


The advantages of the Supershield Admix mixing product:

• Waterproofs the mass of the concrete and not just the surface

• it is perennial, unlike other systems which have a limited duration

• it is self-sealing for cracks up to 0.4 mm that are created over time

• protects the concrete, sealing pores and capillaries, and thus preventing the penetration of aggressive external chemicals (CO2, chlorides, sulphates, etc.) which cause oxidation of the reinforcing rods

• reduces construction times: as soon as the concrete is removed, it is already waterproofed and there is no need to wait for its curing, as with other waterproofing systems

• has lower costs than other systems

• it is ECOLOGICAL, as it uses the chemistry of concrete, and does not pollute the environment


The advantages of Supershield repair products:

• They penetrate deeply, up to the entire thickness of the concrete, unlike other systems which are superficial or penetrate minimally

• They can be used both on the positive side and on the negative side with respect to hydrostatic pressure, allowing the repair from the outside, for example, of full tanks or tanks

• The repair is final, unlike other systems which have a limited duration

• They are self-sealing, for cracks up to 0.4 mm that are created even after repair

• protect the concrete, sealing pores and capillaries, and thus preventing the penetration of aggressive external chemicals (CO2, chlorides, sulphates, etc.)
• they are ECOLOGICAL, as they use the specific chemistry of concrete, and do not pollute the environment

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