Environmental care

For Supershield, respect for the environment is an
integral part of the way we do business. The
research and development department of
Supershield exclusively studies and develops
products with minimum to no environmental

Supershield products do not contain VOCs.
The use of components is designed to take
advantage of the chemistry of the materials in
which they are used, to avoid pollution of the
environment. Most products are water-based.
Supershield considers sustainability as a
long-term strategic approach, aiming to find a
balance between commercial opportunities and
social, economic and environmental responsibility.
Striving toward increasingly efficient technologies
is accomplished with respect for nature and
safeguarding and improving people’s lives.
Thanks to this responsible approach, the use of
Supershield products and systems enables
the acquisition of credits for the LEED system
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design),
aimed at improving environmental awareness in


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