LCT (Liquid crystalline technology) product range

The new generation of water-based crystalline products for
waterproofing, restoration and protection of concrete.

SUPERSHIELD’s new Liquid Crystalline Technology (LCT)
is environmentally friendly, more performing, easier to use than cementititous crystalli-
ne products on the market today, and offers 3 ranges of products:

– additives for new concrete
– products for restoration of existing concrete
– products for the protection of infrastructures.

This strategic choice, which differs from that of many competitors, has allowed Supershield to establish itself in a market niche as a manufacturer of innovative and technological products capable of solving waterproofing problems that others cannot face.

The advantages of LCT technology

The new ADMIXPLUS by SUPERSHIELD is a water-based liquid additive for mass waterproofing of concrete and is used in a concrete mixing plant or on site.

Its advantages over cement-based products are:

  • ease of additives: it is dosed in the batching plant like normal liquid additives and then enters the computerized cycle of the plant (while the powder additives must be manually dosed)
  • traceability: by entering the automated cycle of the batching plant, you have the certainty of the dosage (quantity added) and its traceability in the delivery note of the concrete mixer
  • dispersion: the liquid product amalgamates more homogeneously in the concrete mass, compared to the powder additive.
  • maintains the workability of fresh concrete unaltered for up to 90 minutes
  • it is compatible with all types of concrete
  • it is ecological and contributes to obtaining LEED points


The new Crystalspray product by SUPERSHIELD in aqueous solution greatly simplifies the restoration of concrete from humidity and works perfectly both in the presence of positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, even very high (up to 12 bar)

The advantages over cement-based products are:

  • It is applied by spraying with a simple low pressure pump (while the cementitious products are applied in grout with a brush or by spray with a plastering machine)
  • Requires only one application (while cementitious ones require two passes, with an intermediate waiting time for the first pass to dry)
  • It does not require subsequent treatments (while cementitious products require the vaporization of water for 2/3 days to facilitate the penetration of the product into the concrete)

Crystalspray by SUPERSHIELD reduces the application time of the product by about 80% and the cost of relative labor by almost 90%, while guaranteeing an identical or better result than cement-based crystallizing products.



The most innovative product of SUPERSHIELD’s LCT technology is the new MULTISEAL, a water-based crystallizing product for the protection and waterproofing of infrastructures and exposed concrete.

The crystallization technology has evolved to a higher degree with SUPERSHIELD MULTISEAL, as the product with a single application by vaporization on the concrete surface forms:

  1. Within the mass:
  • hygroscopic crystals (DPC technology) that waterproof the mass in depth
  • hydrated crystals in the surface layer for 0.5 / 2.00 cm., depending on the type of concrete. These crystals create an extremely resistant barrier to aggressive agents such as chlorides and sulphates, carbonation, ASR, and freeze-thaw cycles.
  1. On the surface
  • a strong repellent effect , which prevents dust in the air from adhering, prevents the formation of vegetation and in the case of pavements the penetration of oils and fuels.

This product, unique on the market and with exceptional features, is the most economical solution to extend the useful life of infrastructures and to drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Where the cost of the crystallizing additive becomes too high for the large volumes of concrete that are necessary in the construction of infrastructures, MULTISEAL with its high protection capabilities from chemical aggressions, waterproofing of the mass, strong reduction of capillary absorption and of repellency, it is the most economical and effective solution to make concrete durable and drastically reduce maintenance costs.

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