Supershield Crystalguard Ultima is a highly concentrated cemen- titious crystalline one component compound, especially formula- ted to provide a high level of waterproofing and protection.

It rapidly stops moisture infiltrations entering the concrete through an accelerated crystallization process and provides an excellent barrier against aggressive chemicals. T he product is mixed with water and applied as a slurry to the positive or negative side of the structure, either as a single coating or as a second coating on top of Crystal- guard.
Used in combination with Supershield Crystalguard, it creates an integrated system, complementing each other and ensuring a quick waterproofing of the substrate and a high degree of protection.

Use: for permanent waterproofing of concrete water tanks, water treatment plants, reservoirs, concrete pipelines, underground structures, foundations, tunnels and subways, roof slabs.

Dosage: 0,8/1,00 kg per m2 of surface each coat.

Download technical documentation

Download the technical data sheets, the declarations of performance, the safety data sheets and the specifications in PDF format.

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