Supershield Crystalguard is a cementitious crystalline one component product, to be mixed with water to obtain a slurry and applied as a coating to the positive or negative side of concrete surfaces.

It can be applied either in a single coat, or in two successive coats.

Crystalguard performs its waterproofing chemical action by forming insoluble crystals in the pores and capillaries of both new and existing concrete and stops water penetration and moisture coming from any direction. The product penetrates deeply and, in presence of moisture, in time waterproofs the whole concrete mass treated.

Use: for permanent waterproofing of foundations, concrete water tanks, roof slabs, water treatment plants, reservoirs, swimming pools, concrete pipelines, tunnels and subways.

Dosage: 0,8/1,00 kg per m2 of surface each coat.

Technical documentation

Download the data sheets, the declarations of performance, the safety data sheets and the specifications in PDF format.

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