Supershield Elastakote 100 is a cold applied, one component, water based, liquid waterproofing membrane that is easily applied to form a resilient barrier over concrete and masonry roofs and walls

Supershield Elastakote 100 will waterproof the substrate, protect it from weather and atmospheric degradation and also acts as a cool roof coating owing to its reflective properties. Elastakote 100 will remain elastic, will bridge and seal cracks in the substrate, can be walked on and coloured with RAL system.
Supershield Elastakote 100 is based on innovative Supershield Pumo (Polyurethane Modified) technology based on a modified of aliphatic polyurethane dispersion in water, with excellent U.V resistance and that does not require any top coat.


On exterior walls exposed to the elements, terraces, flat roofs, over existing bitouminous membranes, as an architectural and protective coatings for bridges, flyovers, tunnels and other infrastructures, on exposed roofs with variable or complex geome- try.


0.5 L /m2 per coat, minimum 2 coats. Supershield elastic Wapnet can be interposed between the two coats.

Download technical documentation

Download the technical data sheets, the declarations of performance, the safety data sheets and the specifications in PDF format.

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