Supershield Roofon is a water based, cold applied, waterproofing liquid membrane, that uses Supershield innovative WAP (Water-ba- sed Aliphatic Polyurethane) – ELASTIC TECHNOLOGY based on 100% pure polyurethane aliphatic dispersion with excellent U.V resistance.

Roofon is protective and insulating, permeable to water vapor, walkable, applicable on roofs, walls in concrete, masonry, metal, wood and on existing bituminous membranes.
Can be coloured with RAL system.
Supershield Roofon waterproofs the substrate, protects it from weather and atmospheric degradation and it also acts as a thermal insulating coating, due to its high reflectivity.
Roofon remains elastic and maintains its crack bridging ability over time.


Protective coatings for bridges, flyovers, tunnels and others infrastructures; waterproofing of flat roofs and terraces, both new and existing; waterproofing of roofs with complex geometries
and limited accessibility; waterproofing of deteriorated bituminous membranes or terraces with leaks, avoiding ttheir reconstruction; reflective coating to improve energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs; external walls of buildings; railings.

Compatible substrates:

Concrete, screeds, bricks, stone, metal and existing bituminous membranes.


  •  0.5 l / m2 by roller or spray; minimum two coats;
  • 0.6 / 0.7 lt / m2 by roller or spray , minimum two coats if used with interposed Supershield Wapnet elastic net.

Download technical documentation

Download the technical data sheets, the declarations of performance, the safety data sheets and the specifications in PDF format.

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