Drybox system

Drybox is the system developed by Supershield for a perfect and durable waterproofing of foundations, tanks and hydraulic works in general.

Drybox consists in:

  • Waterproofing the entire concrete mass of the structure, by adding in the ready mix plant
    ADMIXPLUS, a water-based crystalline admixture belonging to SUPERSHIELD LCT range.
  • In waterproofing rigid joints, movement joints, casting resumptions, passing pipes with
    specific products and devices designed and tested over time by Supershield
    thus obtaining a total and lasting impermeability of the structure.

Advantages of the Supershield Drybox waterproofing system

Simple and effective, it does not modify normal construction practices.

  • No need to modifiy the structural design and the concrete mix prescribed
    for the project
  • ADMIXPLUS is admixed in the batching plant, by using of normal dispensers
    for liquid admixtures, thus becoming part of the automated production cycle of
    the ready mix plant
  • The exact quantity of ADMIXPLUS in the load will be shown in the printout at the
    end of the cycle
  • It does not require the intervention of specialized third-party companies
    for its implementation in the job site
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe, does not pollute, it is suitable for contact with drinking water and allows to acquire points for the LEED system.
  • It is not expensive and reduces construction time compared to other systems.
  • Applied under the supervision of Supershield technicians, it benefits of a ten-year waterproofing warranty by a leading insurance company.
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